Thank you for your interest in our synaesthesia research. The information that you provide is shared jointly with synaesthesia researchers at the University of Sussex and the University of Edinburgh.

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What is synaesthesia?People with synaesthesia experience unusual sensations (e.g., of colour, of taste) when doing things that wouldn't usually trigger those sensations for non-synaesthetic people. In some cases, this means that a synaesthete might experience a sensation in one of the 5 senses (hearing, vision, taste, touch, smell) that is triggered by a different sense (e.g., sounds trigger tastes, smells trigger colours etc.).

What are the aims of the research?The aim of the research is to understand the cognitive, developmental and biological basis of synaesthesia. This might also tell us more about ordinary perceptual experiences and its relationship to thinking, memory and language.

What is involved with taking part?First of all, you will be asked to fill in this questionnaire. All information you give will be treated in confidence. Following this, we may contact you again (by e-mail) to invite you to take part in further studies. You do not have to take part in any further studies and can opt out at any time and ask not to be contacted again. For most people, we may occasionally ask them to complete an online test. For some people, we may invite you in to the university. We will also send you updates about our research findings (unless you ask us not to do so).

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