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Welcome to this short survey about the potential impact of Brexit on voting intentions of Britons Abroad in the June 2017 general election in the UK.

It is intended mainly for those who plan to vote in this election, whether or not you have already registered. If you are no longer eligible to vote because of the 15 year rule, please complete the full survey of Britons Abroad instead, using the link on the Britons Abroad Facebook page.

The survey will close on June 8th, and results will be posted on this Facebook page after analysis. Please encourage other British people living abroad to complete this short survey as well as the longer one. Your participation in this research is invaluable.

The survey is anonymous, but it would be helpful if you also gave your email address where requested at the end so that I can contact you if I have any queries about your answers. 

Many thanks for your time in completing this survey, it should only take a few minutes. Most questions are required, but some are optional: this will be indicated.

You can print off your answers if you wish after completion.

Please remember to click on the final 'Finish' button.

Terms of participation in survey
All respondents, by completing this survey, are consenting to participate in the research, and thereby consent to the processing of the information provided for the purposes of this research. All information will be treated as strictly confidential and handled in accordance with the Data protection Act 1998. Any communication relating to this survey should be addressed to Dr Susan Collard at the University of Sussex:

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Are you currently registered as an overseas elector in your previous UK constituency? Required
In which part of the UK are you registered?
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Did you vote in the EU referendum? Required
How did you vote in the EU referendum?
If you wanted to vote in the EU referendum but were unable to, how would you have voted?
Did you vote in the 2015 British general election? Required
For which party did you vote in the 2015 general election?
If you wanted to vote in the 2015 general election but were unable to, for which party would you have voted?
Do you intend to vote in the June 2017 parliamentary election? Required
Which party do you intend to vote for?
If you vote in the June election, will your voting preference be influenced by your preferred party's official position on Brexit? Required
If you vote in the June election, will your voting preference be influenced by your preferred party's official position as either supporter or opponent of the forthcoming 'Votes For Life' bill which will abolish the '15 year rule'? Required
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