Page 1: Survey of British Citizens Living Abroad

This is a survey of British citizens over the age of 18 who are resident outside the UK. It is part of a research project run by Dr Susan Collard, from the Politics Department of the University of Sussex.  You can see the survey results in due course at

The survey has three aims. The first is to collect some general data on the British who live abroad, such as age, gender, place of residence, level of education, when and why they left the UK and whether or not they might return. 

The second aim is to investigate awareness of, and views on, UK voting rights and practices, with particular reference to the EU referendum, and the 2015 general election. 

The third aim is to seek responses to the prospect of Brexit, not just from those who live in other EU countries but from elsewhere in the world as well. 

The survey is anonymous, but it would be helpful if you also gave your email address at the end so that I can contact you if necessary regarding your answers. If you would like to participate in a telephone interview which will examine these, and other related questions in more depth, you can provide your contact details on the final page. 

Many thanks for your time in completing this survey, it might take you up to 30 minutes. 

If you want to stop part way through the survey and resume later, you must click on the 'Finish later' button which appears at the bottom of every page (some pages are long, you need to scroll down): this will save the answers you have already given and you will be sent a special link to enable you to pick up from where you left off. 

If there are questions to which you do not wish to reply, you can just move on to the next question unless the answer is required (this will be indicated).

You can use the 'Other' box to enter comments as you go if you do not feel the answer options are sufficiently comprehensive. 

You can print off your answers if you wish after completion.

Please remember to click on the final 'Finish' button.

Terms of participation in survey
All respondents, by completing this survey, are consenting to participate in the research, and thereby consent to the processing of the information provided for the purposes of this research. All information will be treated as strictly confidential and handled in accordance with the Data protection Act 1998. Any communication relating to this survey should be addressed to Dr Susan Collard at the University of Sussex:

1.1. I have read and agree to the terms of particpation in this survey. Required

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